Icy Founders Club

A collection of 1,700 generative membership cards that replace 1,649 early access buyers lifetime access to icy.tools with a transferrable NFT. The remaining 51 will be used for promotions and giveaways in the coming months and years.

Were you an early access icy.tools supporter? This NFT replaces your early access membership, claim one now!

Contract address: 0x37d754D6D1668e32678fbeb2604Da9CB4fBe993F

By claiming the Icy Founders Club NFT, you agree to the terms of use.


What is icy.tools?

icy.tools is an NFT tracking platform where you can view the latest floor prices, volume, & sales history on NFTs. Discover new projects being minted & track portfolios.

What does the Icy Founders Club NFT do?

If you're holding an Icy Founders Club NFT with the connected wallet while accessing icy.tools, you'll have full access to the site and all paid features. You'll also get access to the Founders Club discord channels.
If you sell or transfer all your tokens, your associated membership transfers with it, even if you were an original early access buyer.

How long do I have to claim it?

You have as long as you need to claim your NFT, so feel free to wait for low gas. However, on December 1st, 2021, we'll drop support for recognizing registrations on the old smart contract. You'll need to claim your token after that point to maintain your lifetime membership purchases during easy access.

Can I claim one if I didn't buy lifetime during early access?

No, this NFT only replaces the memberships purchased during early access. We won't be adding more lifetime membership options or supply beyond the 51 additional supply for promotional purposes.

What's the deal with the artwork and traits/rarities?

Without going overboard, we focused on creating a simple collection reminiscent of a membership card that can function well as a banner for showing off and generally be pleasant to look at. There is variety and rarities amongst the works that gives room for collectors and supporters to enjoy hunting for their favorites.

When is the reveal?

Due to the nature of the project, there is no special reveal period. All artwork and metadata has already been uploaded.

Where are the images and metadata stored?

To ensure a smooth launch and reveal, we decided to self-host off the bat. However, within the first two months of launch, we'll migrate the images and metadata for these tokens to IPFS so they can live on the chain forever.

Where can I find the icy.tools page?

The Icy Founders Club NFT can be found here on icy.tools.

Where can I find the Discord?

Our discord can be found here. Anyone is welcome to join, but you'll need to hold a Icy Founders Club NFT for access to the Founders Club channels. To gain access to the Icy Founders Club channels, simple type !join in the #join channel and follow the instructions DMed to you by the collab.land bot.

What's your roadmap?

We have a public roadmap for icy.tools that you can see what we're actively working on.

Any partnerships or other perks for Icy Founders Club NFT Holders?

Check out our Discord for the latest updates on this front.

Where can I find the OpenSea page?

The Icy Founders Club NFT can be found here on OpenSea.